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Painting what makes me smile

It's been a strange time recently and life has changed so much for all of us. During lockdown art has become more important to me, as it has for so many, and I've been trying to paint things that make me happy. Departing from my usual animals and landscapes, I decided to paint a happy woman.

She's not skinny, she's not young but she is delighted to be back out of her house and enjoying nature. In case you can't tell, she has a dog. The dog isn't visible in the picture but Maisie has her tennis ball and she's getting ready to throw it.

I'm not sure what sort of reception Maisie will get at the gallery, I just hope she makes someone smile as much as she made me smile.

Art isn't always about perfect aesthetics and perfect lines. it's about creating an emotional response. 'Maisie loves the seaside' is part of the current exhibition at Artisanand in Aberfeldy and and I hope creates that emotional response in someone and finds a new home.

#art #painting #Largerlady #Artwork #Scotland #landscape #seaside

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