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Marmalade Cat

This is a new piece I’ve just started working on.

Stage 1: Is always the initial sketch. I’ll sometime produce a few preliminary drawings but in this case the underlying sketch was drawn straight onto a 30cm x 30cm box canvas.

If I spend too much time doodling and sketching , the base drawing can often feel stiff and lifeless. I wanted to make sure I retained some character with this wee chap.

Artwork sketch

Marmalade Cat – Initial sketch

Stage 2: I have started applying acrylics. I tend to build the paint up over several sessions. This is him after 2 sessions under the brush.

I’m hoping to get some time to do some further work on him this week and hopefully he should really start to take shape soon. They always go through a tricky stage though…I’m expecting that next 🙂

Marmalade Cat
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